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IWS – the UK's favourite waste
management software
IWS overview
The Integrated Waste System (IWS) comprises a suite of software modules with specialist features which add to a core system providing reporting and pre-defined procedural routines of the particular waste operation.
The UK's leading waste management software • Used by private Commercial and Public Sector waste management organisations • Windowsฎ- based interface • Integrates with other popular office software • Built-in text translation feature allows easy set-up for individual interfaces in local language and terminology • Modular – grows with your operation's needs • Specialist operations such as recycling and brokerage • Maintained fully legislation and regulation compliant • Inspected by UK HM Customs and Excise • Authorised by European Regulation Authorities • Landfill tax definitions, tax periods and accumulated tax calculations • 24 / 7 technical support Hotline • Full Annual Maintenance contracts available • On- or off-site operator training available • The product of choice for many large organisations around the world
New features of IWS version 6:
New Look and Layout - everything is menu driven • Exiting data entry dialogs - check if any fields have been updated before exiting • Removal of conditional indexes (SQL Only) •New Help File Formats • Automatic updates - automatically updates version 6 software, images and help files • Comprehensive Address Book • Invoice Addresses now record mobile numbers • Cash Customer data storage improvements • Improved Weighbridge Pricing• Additional Container Price and Data functionality • New Copy Agreement option • Order Entry Screen option • Amend Order Screen tab now standard • New Agreement Checklist Screen • Improved Transaction information • Totally re-designed Scheduler • New View Only planning screen • Order Processing SMS template selection available • Order "Last Updated" facility • Weighing Container Transactions completely re-written • Multi-Load Transaction on hold facility • Re-designed weighbridge transaction screens • Ability to change Default Transaction Type • New buttons next to the Notes Field • Redesigned Held Ticket List • Brokered Loads Module can now be configured • Repricing improvements • Clearer Screen configaration • New Invoicing functionality • Easier to use Reporting Module • Better Quotation and Prospect Entry •
System Hardware and Operating System Specifications: