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Maintenance Levels
In order to provide the best level of service to our clients in the most cost-effective way, P&L offers three levels of maintenance support cover for both IWS and SKIP2 packages.
Standard Maintenance
This is the current maintenance contract offered
Silver Maintenance
As above but with one planned annual
consultative visit (1 every 12 months)
Gold Maintenance
As above but with three planned annual
consultative visit (3 every 12 months)
Annual costs for the above will be:
Standard Maintenance
20% of software
Silver Maintenance
As Standard plus 675.00
Gold Maintenance
As Standard plus 3 days at 625.00 per day
Standard Consultative days are currently charged at 790.00 per day
These charges are fixed for the duration of the annual maintenance contract. The only additions will be mileage charges which are charged at the standard price list rate per mile; and subsistence costs which are charged at cost.
Definitions and Clauses
A day is defined as Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays for a maximum of 8 hours, usually between 10.00 and 17.00 or part thereof.
Visit days can be utilised for consultancy, training or general system administration but on each visit time must be allowed for a system checkup to ensure that the software is running efficiently.
Consultative visit days must be taken during the maintenance period and cannot be carried over into subsequent maintenance periods.
P&L will co-ordinate with the customer to arrange a mutually convenient date for the visits. Where the customer specifically requires a particular date then four weeks notice will be required by P&L.